domingo, 13 de novembro de 2011


.. There was rain outside, thunder and lightning, the extremely loud bang in the clouds, followed by flashes that lit up the skies, that showed the fields in front of the house, beyond the clean cut lawn, beyond the white picket fence, or the other houses ahead, beyond the lighthouse that shone in the distance, guiding stranded souls back to where they belonged, regardless of where they had been before. There always a mist in the air, giving the place a touch of mystery, the fireplace roared in the background, ashes flying through living room, yet he looked only outside, to where the lighthouse was, looking for a way to be guided home again, because home was not a place or a house, it was not a lawn or a fence, home was and is where the heart is .. home belonged with her … he raised his glass and took a sip, whisky always seemed to calm his soul, bringing him back memories of how things used to be .. ( Aishiteru by Alastair Black )

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  1. Thunders and lightning have always scared the little girl in me...but not here.*