segunda-feira, 14 de novembro de 2011


.. Her lips were of a silk smooth nature, like her skin had been wrapped in velvet, so intoxicating and appealing to the touch, so addictive to contemplate, in a way that only a mere glimpse of them would drive him absolutely mad, from the moment he saw them, he knew there would be no other lips he would care to taste, to feel, to savor even if just a mere second, and that with time, became his quest, his obsession, he drove himself mad every single day with lust, with the desire of wanting something so forbidden, something that he could not seem to obtain, even though it was mere inches away from him, those inches seemed and felt like miles, the endless miles of an unforgiving desert, it felt to him that she only inhabited his dreams, that she only existed there, but at the same time like they had met in so many previous lives and this had always been the dance that they had gone through, so many times before, the dance of lust, of wanting each other in a way that only those two souls would understand .. ( Lips by Alastair Black )

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