quarta-feira, 9 de novembro de 2011


‎... People do mere instinctual things to hurt each other, it’s in the thought that’s always on the back of our minds, it’s the acts that we cannot control, the words that we never wanted to say, in the reactions that we never meant to express. In the end it’s human nature, and human nature is to hurt each other, no matter how much we try to eclipse that into some deep dark corner of us, to pretend that that is not the case, no matter how much it goes totally and utterly against our nature, we end up hurting each other by being merely ourselves, and face then the existence at the bottom of that deep dark well, where the water is colder than cold, and the darkness merely whispers “ Let yourself drown here with me” … ( Hurt by Alastair Black )

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  1. People are weak and it´s in their weakness that hurting comes in, they feel threatned, hunted, hurt and they react instead of acting. People should not respond with hurt, they should accept what happened and make the most of it. I know I do and I would never hurt somebody on purpose, it is bad enough when you do without knowing you are...it crushes you inside, piece by piece...
    Don´t try to justify every single act that was given to you as you are not the one to blame. Accept, inhale and move on. <3