sexta-feira, 11 de novembro de 2011


.. In disbelief he looked at her, her silhouette so perfect, the shape of her body so forbidden, so intoxicating, the shades of her skin a perfect tone of alabaster giving her a angel like appearance, the smell of her skin was a mix of the scent of her own essence, her perfume and sweat, all calibrated and equal to each other, none overtaking the other, merely complementing one another in perfect balance. He ran the tips of his fingers down her form, so slow that he could feel the electricity coming from every pore, he could feel every nerve twitching with his touch, every movement that she made, be it voluntary or involuntary, he could hear her, gently whispering in his ear as he came closer, his lips wrapped around the base of her neck, his teeth clinching to her skin .. “Let this moment last forever” ( Moment by Alastair Black )

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