sábado, 12 de novembro de 2011


.. His blinking eyes attempted to adjust to the texture of the display, he could not believe what he was seeing, in a way he would not allow himself to believe, but it all made sense, it all felt real, beyond the look, all the way to the touch, in those black and white shades, in that small 4x5 paper, where the ink had been splashed to create forms, to display a scenery, two individuals together, in way that made perfect sense, it wasn’t only lines, shades, ink, paper, texture or perspective, it was the way that it had always meant to be, he could see it displayed right in front of him, like a mirror reflecting his soul, a pathway through his inner maze to the core inside, the picture was not restrained by any emotions, any reasoning or any thoughts, it merely was, a reflection of existence, of the existence he wished to have, with someone that would define the outline of his soul, that would make all the seconds count, down to the fraction of the nanosecond, that would unchain his essence from the chains that he himself had placed there .. “Yes, indeed” he thought, “More than paper in my hands, you have shown me the content of this soul” ( Photograph by Alastair Black )

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  1. Your writing is the perfect encounter of heart and mind...you are so talented <3